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Come to ChefConf to share your stories about, experience with, and expertise in using continuous automation to increase speed and efficiency while decreasing risk and delighting customers. We are looking for content that is appropriate for people who are brand new to Chef, Master Chefs, and everything in between. Many talks will fit into more than one topic and many will include a mix of technology and culture.



ChefConf 2018 tracks


Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure as code, automating the cloud, and configuration management. What tools and practices have you put in place to improve your infrastructure automation? This may include tools for local development and testing (Chef Development Kit, ChefSpec, Test Kitchen, etc.), Cookbooks, and other tools used to describe, build, and manage your infrastructure as code.

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Compliance Automation

Moving fast does not mean giving up safety. In fact, speed increases your compliance! How are you adopting compliance at velocity? What technologies and workflows are working for you?

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Application Automation

How do you build, deploy, and manage your applications? Share your stories about Habitat and other tools and processes you are using for application automation.

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People, Process, and Teams

Whether you call it “devops,” “automation,” or something else, you’re probably changing the way you work. We’d love to hear about both the successes and the pitfalls you’ve encountered along the way. What are the lessons learned you wish you knew before you started your project?


Delivering Delight

Continuously delivering changes to your customers requires that you adopt new workflows, new tools, and new ways of working as a team. Share your experiences and celebrate your successes with everyone.


Chaos Engineering

As our systems, teams, and complexity scale up, we enter a phase of continuous chaos. DevOps principles tell us that failure is an opportunity to learn. How do you apply that same principle to chaos to embrace and learn from that chaos? Share stories of and technologies used for visibility into your running applications and infrastructure. What’s happening?! Who do we wake when things go bump in the night.


Don't Label Me!

Data bags, sharing secrets, attribute data, building community, etc. This is the track for anything that doesn’t neatly fit into the other tracks.


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