Justification Letter

Subject: ChefConf 2018 – Let’s Learn Together

Hello [ INSERT NAME ],


ChefConf is happening in Chicago May 22-25 and we really should be there!  ChefConf is the DevOps conference and top learning and networking event for the global Chef community. We will have access to Chef and industry experts from around the world. This is a unique opportunity for us to improve the team’s skills and knowledge around Continuous Automation and the entire family of Chef products including Chef Automate, Chef, InSpec, and Habitat.

ChefConf offers two days of keynotes and technical sessions presented by Chef, its partners, its customers, Chef practitioners, and DevOps leaders. There is also a full day of technical workshops on various Chef-related topics.

In addition to 20+ breakout sessions, we will also have the opportunity to interact directly with Chef employees. Such contacts are invaluable and we can build our network to the benefit of all our projects.

All for a total cost of about $2500 per person. Here’s the approximate cost breakdown:

Airfare: $600
Transportation (round trip taxi from airport to hotel): $80
Hotel (3 nights, 22-24th, at $259): $777 plus tax
Meals (breakfast and lunch included in conference fee): $80
Conference Fee: $675
Workshop Fee: $275
TOTAL: $2487

When we get back, we can debrief the rest of the team sharing the major techniques, key takeaways, and action items we have learned.

Pack your bags, we’re going to ChefConf!

Thank you,