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We have a substantial lineup of full-day workshops covering diverse topics and spanning all levels of skills and knowledge. Our workshops emphasize hands-on learning, so come prepared to learn from the experts, get your hands on the keyboard, and develop your Chef, InSpec, and/or Habitat skills.

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Available Workshops

Chef Jumpstart (Beginner) – Full Day, $275

This workshop is a great place to start your Chef learning adventure. You’ll discover the power of Chef, write recipes and develop cookbooks, and learn what it means to turn infrastructure into code. You’ll have a hands-on experience on the command line, but no previous experience is required.

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Inspec Jumpstart (Intermediate) – Full Day, $275

Concerned about Compliance and Security? This workshop introduces you to the power of InSpec. Learn through hands-on labs how to detect and correct with InSpec to ensure you have a secure and compliant infrastructure.

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Running with Scissors – Detect and Correct with Franklin (Advanced) – Full Day, $275

Join Franklin Webber on a journey through the exciting world of detect and correct. You will learn how to build a cookbook with a test-driven approach, extract those tests into an InSpec profile, and reuse the profile to test additional cookbooks. Finally, using that same profile, you will explore to scan unmanaged systems with InSpec, and managed systems with the Audit cookbook.

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Habitat Jumpstart (Advanced) – Full Day, $275

Are you ready to learn about the latest awesome technology from Chef? Habitat is an open-source project that moves the automation of an application’s configuration, management, and behavior to the application itself, not the infrastructure that the application runs on. How cool is that?

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Continuous Compliance on AWS with Chef Automate (Intermediate) – Full Day, $275

This day-long workshop will show you how to detect potential security and compliance issues in your environment, how to quickly and safely remediate those issues, and finally how to ensure that any instance in your environment is also built according to your compliance standards.

Workshop will include the following sub-modules:

  • Standing up a Chef Automate instance
  • Setting up your workstation
  • Automatically bootstrapping and configuring the Chef client on nodes
  • Downloading and installing Inspec compliance profiles
  • Scanning your fleet for potential issues
  • Writing a ‘remediation’ cookbook and applying it to your machines
  • Generating alerts when new compliance issues are found

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Let’s use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Chef (Intermediate) – Full Day, $275

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a huge ecosystem of products that can make your infrastructure one of the best supported on the planet. In this interactive workshop we are going to start from the beginning using the main integrations we have with Chef and GCP, leveraging the typical Chef workflows, and introducing more advanced topics. We will touch testing with GCP, creating repeatable infrastructures with GCP, and compliance automation. We expect a basic Chef knowledge for this workshop, comfortable with applications like knife, test-kitchen, and writing basic Chef recipes.

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Recipe for Success: Automating with Chef on the Microsoft Platform (Advanced) – Full Day, $275

Modern organizations are increasingly running their Windows Server environments in the cloud. In this workshop, not only will you learn advanced techniques to make automating with Chef on the Windows platform a pleasure – we’ll discuss common patterns, practices, and tools that you should be using to automate and manage these workloads in the Azure cloud platform

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Chef Automate v2 Up and Running (Beginner) – Full Day, $275

Chef Automate is a platform that allows you to manage your applications & infrastructure at scale by capitalizing on the rich compliance data from InSpec and configuration management data from Chef. This session will provide hands on experience with installing, using and administering Chef Automate 2.0. You will experience all the power in Chef Automate 2.0 across the entire software development lifecycle plus learn to troubleshoot and proactively prevent issues both on prem and in the cloud. You will leave this course prepared to deploy Chef Automate within your workplace and get your co-workers hooked on all the awesome features.

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Managing a DevOps Transformation (Beginner) – Full Day, $275

Managing people in a transformed, high velocity work environment is full of exciting challenges. Working through the many changes for yourself and your team, understanding the role of a manager in an agile work environment, and dealing with the financial implications of “waterfall” not being the way to do work, are just a few of these challenges. This workshop, lead by managers who have gone through this transition, will focus on the techniques that will set you up for success in managing and directing the DevOps Transformation.

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