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ChefConf 2018: Barry Crist Opening
Barry Crist
Chef, CEO

You’ve heard about Digital Transformation, but what happens next? In this keynote from ChefConf 2018, Chef CEO Barry Crist shares his perspective on where the DevOps and Automation industry is headed, and the importance of the shift from infrastructure-centric automation to application-centered automation in a post-digital transformation world.

ChefConf 2018: Adam Jacob Day 2 Opening
Adam Jacob
Chef, CTO & co-founder of Chef

Adam was there at the dawn of DevOps, and is now planning what’s next for the future of app delivery and automation. Adam’s Day 2 ChefConf keynote is a personal telling of how this journey unfolded, Adam’s opinions and frank advice for companies making the transition, and his thoughts on how it will continue to evolve in the coming years. Plus bonus flannel and heavy metal.

Product Vision and Announcements
Corey Scobie
Chef, SVP of Products & Engineering

This video introduces you to Chef Automate 2, as well as Corey Scobie, the new SVP of products and engineering at Chef. Learn about what’s new in Chef Automate 2 and watch demos of the new features in Chef Automate, InSpec, and Habitat. Finally, Corey shares his philosophy of product development and how he sees Chef evolving in the future.

“Do Change” with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Sue Taylor
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CIO

The theme of ChefConf 2018 was “Do Change”, and nobody embodies the possibilities of change for global impact like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Join Sue Taylor, CIO of the foundation, as she guides you through the missions of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and how tech and innovation helps them increase the impact of their work to improve the lives of people around the world.

Microsoft Azure & Chef Integration and Demo
Jeremy Winter
Microsoft Azure, Partner Director of Program Management

As one of the key leaders of the development of Microsoft Azure, Jeremy Winter has a front row seat to the change going on at Microsoft. Join Chef SVP of Partners Kimberly Martin as she interviews Jeremy about the changes at Microsoft, how Jeremy has “done change” in his career, plus see demos of how Azure, Chef and VS Code are improving the ability for teams to ship apps into Kubernetes on Azure.

Chef Automate’s Impact upon Toyota Financial Services
Mohammad Malik
Toyota Financial Services, National Manager – Cloud Engineering

Carlos Soriano
Toyota Financial Services, Manager of Cloud Automation

In this Q&A session from ChefConf 2018, Nathen Harvey of Chef talks with Mohammad Malik and Carlos Soriano about their automation journey at Toyota Financial. Mohammad and Carlos share real-world details of their experience with Chef Automate, the impact it had on their time to deployment for new assets, and how they are planning their ongoing automation roadmap.

CSG International and How DevOps Delivers Results
Erica Morrison
CSG International, Exec Director – Software Development & Operations

Scott Prugh
CSG International, Chief Architect & VP Software Development

CSG is “all-in” on DevOps, and have been reengineering how their teams build and ship software across their organization. In this presentation, Scott and Erica share the nuts and bolts of their DevOps transformation, including how they organize their projects, measure success, and show results across their organizations.

Harnessing the Cloud with OpsWorks for Chef Automate
Stephen Figgins
University of Kansas, Assoc. Director of Operations of Agile Technology Solutions

Nathen Harvey
Chef, VP of Community Development

As a long-time Chef community member, Stephen Figgins has been driving DevOps and automation change in his organization. And when it was time to move to the cloud, Stephen chose OpsWorks for Chef Automate (OWCA) to bring the benefits of Chef Automate to the University of Kansas’s new cloud environment. Learn about Stephen’s journey in this Q&A with Chef’s Nathen Harvey.

Detect, Correct and Automate with Chef on AWS
Arun Gupta
Amazon Web Services, Principal Open Source Technologist

Open Source Software plays a major role in the digital transformation of many AWS customers. And Arun Gupta is the “head Chef” of these open source communities at AWS. In this presentation, hear how AWS customers can “detect, correct and automate’ their EC2 environments using Chef Automate. And watch in real time as Arun shows how InSpec can be used to analyze and repair Kubernetes containers on AWS, and releases the repository and code to the community so everyone can benefit from Amazon’s work here.

Choir!Choir!Choir! Sing-along
Daveed & Nobu (AKA DaBu)
Pretty much everyone at ChefConf 2018

Magic is what happens when music, laughter, and the Chef community collide at ChefConf.

The Chef Awards
Dan Webb
Romain Sertelon
Edmund Haselwanter
Tim Smith
Alaska Airline

The Chef Awards for 2018 recognize the amazing accomplishments of the Chef Community, as well as customers and partners who Do Change every day. Join us as we recognize the winners in this video from ChefConf 2018.

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