Tues May 22nd

It’s the community’s day and the community’s ideas, questions, and thoughts.

The Community Summit is a one-day, facilitated Open Space event that is highly interactive and energetic. Attendees drive the content, develop the session topics, and determine the outcomes. This is an intimate setting where you can engage personally with an active, caring, wickedly smart, and fast growing community of Chef engineers, contributors, and users. Topics will include infrastructure automation with Chef, compliance automation with InSpec, application automation with Habitat, and other topics proposed and selected by participants. Together we will learn, solve problems, and DO CHANGE™.

Note that space is limited – so be sure to register for the Community Summit when you register for ChefConf.

Past Summits have covered Open Spaces topics like these:

  • Secrets management
  • Chef with other tools like Windows, VMware, AWS, and Docker
  • Best Practices for Chef upgrades
  • Building an internal community
  • Current practices for InSpec and Habitat

I really enjoyed the Community Summit and the HackDay. There’s more interaction with fellow attendees at those types of events