Community Summit

Gather, Ideate, and Work with Those Contributing to Chef, InSpec, and Habitat

May 20 | $75

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Chef Community Summits are great for meeting other Chef folks face-to-face and talking about the things we’re interested in. It’s a good way for folks to become more familiar with the contributors and what we work on.

Dan Webb, Awesome Community Chef and Sous Chef

The Chef Community Summit at ChefConf is a unique Open Spaces-based opportunity for you to meet with other members of the Chef community to discuss the topics of the most interest to you. This is a unique opportunity to meet, share, and bond with a global community that contributes thousands of pull requests on Chef, InSpec, Habitat, and other projects every year.

The Community Summit is open to all attendees of ChefConf for an additional fee of $75 and will be held on Monday, May 20 at the conference venue from 10 to 4.

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