ChefConf 2018: Capital One’s Fully Automated, Scalable & Regionally Fault-tolerant Chef Platform
John Casanova
Master Software Engineer, Capital One

At Capital One, we are now on the third revision of our Chef platform architecture. With over 15,000 nodes bootstrapped across our Dev, QA, and Prod environments, we aim to provide the highest possible level of availability and stability to our internal Chef community and ultimately our external customers. Our latest architecture design delivers an AWS-hosted Chef service that is fully automated, scalable, and able to survive AZ and regional outages. We use Chef to build the Chef platform and have designed a robust pipeline to seamlessly manage updates to our Chef stacks.

I will walk you through our architecture design and how our Chef platform has matured over the years. I’ll explain how we’ve used Chef to orchestrate the creation of our Chef platform stacks along with how we’ve leveraged multiple AWS services to handle scaling, availability, and regional fault-tolerance. Come learn about what we feel to be one of the most advanced Chef core service offerings in the industry.

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