ChefConf 2018 Session: Automating a Payments Engine
Trevlin Pillay
Automation Engineer, Standard Bank

Automating a payments engine seems like the responsible thing to do, however this is easier said than done. In this talk you will learn and understand how we automated a high value payments engine. This is a system that could have one transaction worth over $1 million and could potentially bring the economy to a halt should anything fail.

Using Chef we were able to automate the deployment of the system and provide a level of consistency. This talk goes through bringing together both business and technology and why it is important to have this alignment in order to achieve a full level of automation.

Financial Services make up about 20% of a country’s GDP, what if we could apply this transformation to all banks within South Africa or the World? Imagine the impact it could have on the economy. As more people see this talk, it will open their minds to new possibilities and start of their own transformation journey with their payment engines or other processing systems.

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