ChefConf 2018 Session: Bid Farewell to “Compliance Theater” and Welcome Continuous Compliance
Carter McHugh
Executive Director of Agile Architecture, CSG International

The security and compliance requirements for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) are challenging to achieve and maintain. The new standards require companies to prove they have adopted procedures and technologies that allow for continuous compliance enforcement throughout the year and not simply during a small audit window.

With large numbers of legacy applications, technologies and operating systems, many enterprise companies have limited and disjointed visibility on standards compliance and it is almost certainly not continuous. Learn how to use Chef Automate, Compliance and InSpec to first gain continuous visibility to your enterprise server variance. With that visibility, learn how to enable teams to document and maintain their current O/S and application build standards for continuous compliance.

Finally, learn how to harvest the enterprise data to set new build standards and empower teams to remediate existing or build new servers through Chef automation.

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