ChefConf 2018 Session: CI Techniques for Delivering the Chef-Repo: Three Case Studies
Lamont Lucas
Co-Founder, FastRobot

While patterns around cookbook workflow and promotion are well established, there is less published work on the delivery of the rest of the Chef managed objects typically stored under a chef-repo. We present a brief overview of three different approaches we’ve implemented with clients automating the delivery of chef-repo controlled changes.

We’ll discuss how legacy interfaces with non-chef controlled systems, organizational siloing, and varying team strengths led us to favor different approaches for each case. Each approach involved shifting the boundary between various tools, working around inflexible organizations and operational controls, and meeting different needs of the business.

You should leave knowing at least three ways to manage a source controlled chef-repo, what pitfalls we experienced with each, and how you might work around your team/company situation.

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