ChefConf 2018 Session: Cooperating Fault Tolerant Habicat #cheffriends: Live Demo
Sean Horn
Customer Advocate/System Engineer, Chef

Let’s explore the possibilities for fault-free applications assisted by Habitat. Habitat helps to guarantee that our application infrastructure is automated, is logging, is monitored, can be stopped, started, and upgraded, but what about the application inside the Habitat package? How do we guarantee that it’s operation is as fault tolerant as we can make it?

With the help of a small example system powered by Habitat packages, Postgresql, and Redis Streams, we’ll explore several techniques that can be used to make these assurances, like idempotence, checkpointing, transactions, and Kafka-like logging.

In a world where chaos reigns, we must engineer around the chaos as best we can. Come along with me and let’s try to mitigate some chaos!

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