ChefConf 2018 Session: Delivering the World’s Most Powerful GIS Software Continuously
Mark Carlson – System Architect, Esri
Cherry Lin – Product Engineer, Esri

Come to see how Chef can help deliver your software effectively and continuously to all different audiences—people who know nothing about Chef or are scared of automation, to people that might already be Chef experts!

Esri is a global market leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software since 1969. Our software, ArcGIS, is the world’s most powerful mapping and analytics software. Delivering all the functionality users require means there are many software components.

Our enterprise solutions are also deployed in many different environments and vary in magnitude. We deliver software solutions from traditional on-premises environments to complex cloud-based infrastructure, from single machine deployments in small offices to hundreds of machines across data centers in enterprise environments.

With this variability in software implementation, automated Chef solutions allow us to efficiently deliver software to both GIS experts that don’t know Chef or any automation and the infrastructure DevOps who might not know much about GIS.

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