ChefConf 2018 Session: Empowering Strategic Charitable Investments with Automation Science
Andrew Morris
Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The talk will be broken down in three segments. The first segment includes a high-level overview of the impact that the non-profit has made in the world and the different programs within the organization. We will introduce how data science is fundamental in the non-profit’s decision-making process.

The second segment covers compliance. It will cover why compliance is important for the organization, and how we are able to use Inspec and Chef automate to lower the compliance and operational overhead, freeing up resources to take on other initiatives.

The last segment covers deployment in action with Habitat. We will touch on how we deployed a high visibly application that provides an executive summary visualization for all portfolios and investments with Habitat. This segment will also include the impact Habitat had on the business.

We will conclude the session with a live technical demo and Q&A.

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