ChefConf 2018 Session: NFCU and Chef – A Year of Automating AIX, Linux, and More
Alan Thatcher
Support Lead (Chef), Navy Federal Credit Union

In the past year, NFCU has implemented Chef to automate installation and configuration of AIX, Linux, monitoring, agents, and applications. During this time we have found things that work, things that don’t, and things that fall in between.

The servers in our environments are not allowed to use internet based resources, and so our process and code must reflect that limitation. The Unix team at NFCU brought in Chef to help in our day to day tasks, but we have started a grassroots movement that now has other teams coming to us to help them automate their workloads.

This presentation is an overview of the processes and patterns we have used to bring successful automation practices to NFCU across the “silos” in our organization, as well as the path forward that has been paved by that success.

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