ChefConf 2018 Session: How Rakuten became a Chef Training Partner and trained 200 Chef employees
Rex Cerbas – Technical Account Manager, Rakuten
Takaaki Furukawa – Server Engineer, Rakuten
John Fitzpatrick – Training Program Manager, Chef

The 5-day Chef Train-the-Trainer program prepares a group of trainers to deliver Chef training classes, either within their company or publicly. The program fully prepares the trainers to deliver the Chef content and will be facilitated by an experienced trainer from Chef Software. It ensures the instructor knows the subject matter, the flow of the course, course and lab setup, gotchas and workarounds, common mistakes, obtaining official materials and updates, and providing feedback to Chef.

This talk explains how Rakuten embarked on an official Train-the-Trainer program, and became an Official Chef Training Partner, and was able to train 200 many people internally within Rakuten.

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