ChefConf 2018 Session: Using Chef and InSpec to Securely Manage Endpoints (Panel)
Mike Dodge – Client Platform Engineer, Facebook
Ryan Moon – Client Platform Engineer, Slack
John McCrae – IT Manager, Chef

This panel will be moderated by Chef’s John McCrae and will share experiences from the field of using Chef and InSpec for managing endpoints like laptops and desktops. Industry experts from Facebook and Slack will be on the panel.

Sure managing machines at scale can be challenging. But what about when you have rogue root users removing your tools. What if your machines got up and walked away or joined Starbucks network. Come hear about the challenges of managing a fleet of engineers laptops in a hacker culture.

At Slack, we are switching to using Chef to manage all of our endpoints (laptops, desktops, etc), across 3 platforms (Mac, Windows, Ubuntu), with that we are also using InSpec to ensure that those endpoints continue to meet our security requirements.

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