ChefConf 2018 Session: VMware & Chef – What is the Ecosystem Like and Where Does Everything Fit?
JJ Asghar
Partner Architect, Chef

VMware and Chef have multiple places to integrate. From ESXi to vRA, Chef can drive or be driven via VMware.

In this talk I will go over the majority of the integrations and the places that as a VMware user, you should be able to identify how Chef can play in your environment. I’ll demo some of the original integrations, show off the new test-kitchen integration with vCenter and 6.5 compare it to the legacy way.

I will also show off the possible ways to integrate Chef with vRealize Automation both internally in the typical vRA workflow, to driving vRA as a cloud. Finally throughout the presentation I’ll highlight best practices and concepts to make Chef and VMware as delightful as possible.

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