ChefConf Diversity Scholarships<br><span style='font-weight: bold; font-size: 24px; line-height: 1.58;' class='avenir_medium'>Deadline March 12</span>

ChefConf Diversity Scholarships
Deadline March 12

Diversity and inclusion make Chef, well, Chef.

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Chef always seeks a diversity of opinion, thought and experience from community, customers, and employees. With ChefConf approaching, we want to ensure that those voices are represented. We also recognize that one barrier to attending conferences is that not everyone is in a financial position to do so. To help remedy that, we are offering scholarships to ChefConf, which includes all the keynotes, track sessions, meals, social activities, and even a Chef Certification Exam. Please submit the short form below for a chance to be awarded a ChefConf Diversity Scholarship.

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Important ChefConf 2018 Scholarship Dates

  • March 12 – Application for Scholarship must be received.
  • March 22 – Applicants notified of acceptance.
  • May 22 – May 25 ChefConf 2018

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