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While you know why attending ChefConf 2019 is such a great opportunity for you and your team, your boss may not. That’s why we put together a justification letter for you to give them! It already includes a lot of the details you will need to show them why your attendance can show an almost immediate return.

Justification Letter

Subject: ChefConf 2019 – Request to send team mates


ChefConf is coming up in May, and I recommend that we have members of the team attend.

This year ChefConf will be in Seattle May 20-23 and our team really should be there. As you know, DevOps is constantly changing, and ChefConf is the best place for us to sharpen our skills with updated insights and practical skills about infrastructure and application automation, as well as architectural patterns we can use immediately. This is an opportunity for us to improve the team’s skills and knowledge on Continuous Automation and help us get the most out of our investment in Chef technologies including Chef Automate, Chef, InSpec, and Habitat.

At ChefConf, we will hear about best practices from companies like ours who are rapidly delivering applications using DevOps and automation. There are technical sessions that give us the knowledge so we can better build, manage, and migrate applications across cloud and hybrid environments. ChefConf sessions also look at how companies detect and correct anomalies early on in their software delivery lifecycle before they turn into vulnerabilities in production.

Finally, our team will learn about how to incorporate and manage container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes in our application environment, and hear from the leading cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform so we can migrate applications and infrastructure to the cloud in a reliable way.

ChefConf offers two days of keynotes, as well as technical sessions presented by Chef, its partners, its customers, Chef practitioners, and DevOps leaders. There is also a full day of technical workshops on various Chef-related topics.

In addition to 72 technical and keynote presentations, we will also have the opportunity to interact directly with Chef employees and the Chef Community. These contacts are invaluable to build our network and benefit all of our projects.

If we book before March 1st, and take advantage of Early Bird pricing, we can attend for an estimated total cost of $2500 per person.

Here’s the approximate cost breakdown:

Airfare: $600
Transportation (round trip taxi from airport to hotel): $80
Hotel (3 nights, 21-22th, at $259): $777 plus tax
Additional Meals (breakfast and lunch included in conference fee): $80
Conference Fee: $995 (Early bird of $695 from 1/1-2/28)
Workshop Fee: $275
Total: $2487

When we get back, we can debrief the rest of the team sharing the major techniques, key takeaways, and action items we learn. Attending ChefConf will almost immediately show a positive ROI.

All of the details and sessions will be listed at chefconf.chef.io. We can sit down and look through the sessions so we can create a plan to divide up the sessions so the team can cover all the relevant topics we want to explore.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Thank you,


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