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May 20 | $275

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What was my favorite part of ChefConf 2018? Definitely the hands-on workshops.

– 2018 ChefConf Attendee

Our full-day workshops cover numerous automation topics and are available for people with varying experience levels. All the workshops emphasize hands-on learning and are taught by Chef experts and IT thought leaders from all backgrounds.

Workshops run concurrently on May 20th, so you can only register for one. Attendance in one of the workshops requires registration for the full conference and there is an additional price of $275.


Application modernization with Habitat for Linux - Beginner

Niamh Cahill, Chef

Eric Heiser, Chef

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Application modernization with Habitat for Windows - Beginner

Trevor Hess, Chef

Russell Seymour, Chef

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Chef Automate Up and Running - Beginner

Jody Wolfborn, Chef

Tom Robinson-Gore, Chef

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Chef Jumpstart - Beginner

Kimball Johnson, Chef

Gavin Reynolds, Chef

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Detect and correct with InSpec and Chef on the AWS platform - Intermediate

Colin Wood, Chef

Mark Rambow, AWS

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Habitat In Production - Beginner

Kevin Reedy, Chef

Siraj Rauff, Indellient

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InSpec Jumpstart - Beginner

Larry Eichenbaum, Chef

Alan Thatcher, Chef

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Managing a DevOps Transformation - Intermediate

Stephen Horning, Chef

Jon Cowie, Chef

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